Chirpy Charleston

Chirpy Charleston Dance Film


This film was created for the VE Day celebrations and even though the Charleston Dance originated in the 1920s, the move was used in dances during the Second World War and were danced in pairs or on their own. The Charleston step includes a swivel on the balls of the feet, and a step tap forward and then a step tap behind.


This dance a version of a ‘Charleston Stroll’. A stroll dance is a dance that can be repeated over and over again in a line with other people who are doing exactly the same thing. Generally, these dances are quite simple to learn and are repeated facing different ways, so everyone gets a go at being at the front and back of the dance.

Please try this at home!

Stand or sit on the spot, create a short dance sequence that include kicking the lower part of the legs. Try and include actions that make the body feel like it is going forward and then back. Have a go at the swivel step, screwing the ball of the foot into the ground (as if you are crushing some crumbs under the toes!)

To make a true ‘stroll dance’ repeat the dance four times, turning ¼ of a turn each time. You could teach your sequence to other people, so it becomes a group dance. 


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