Gentle Jig

This film demonstrates some tendu (French ballet term for stretching the legs and toes) and some flexing through the feet to warm them up for the ‘jig’ movements. This dance is very much about balance and transferring weight from foot to foot. It’s hopping and skipping and makes the dancer look light and energetic. It includes actions which dancers call ball changes, changing the weight by stepping on the ball of the foot (with the heal off the floor) this helps the dancer to move fast.


The movements are in time with the music which is played on guitars and violins (often called a ‘fiddle’ when we talk of folk music)


This dance requires the performer to transfer the weight of the body from foot to foot so it’s good test of balance. This kind of exercise can easily be made more stable by using a chair to balance a hand on, or by performing the movements sitting down.

Please try this at home!

Stand or sit on the spot, create a short dance sequence of stretches and points for the feet. Can the dance bounce on the toes? (not on the very tip toes, you need special shoes for that!) Can you hop from foot to foot? Perhaps make the feet look like you are galloping like a pony? Can this dance last for a whole minute? This will get you out of breath.


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