Hand Holds

Hand Holds Dance Film


This film was performed with my husband. It demonstrates how tentative we can be about touching things. It was influenced by limited contact with other people during lockdown. We imagined there was a forcefield of energy between us when there was a gap between our hands. When the hands eventually do decide to touch it is very deliberate and firm.


The movements are performed with arms outstretched, reaching towards each other from across the room.


This dance requires the performers to watch each other carefully so the arms move slowly in time with each other.

Please try this at home!

Stand or sit on the spot, create a short dance sequence with the hands. Imagine there is a magnetic energy between the hands that sometimes sucks them in towards each other and sometimes repels them away. When the hands, fingers, wrists or forearms do touch, make it a very deliberate and strong choice as if they have magic powers!




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