Happy Clappy

Happy Clappy Dance Film


The idea for this film was to get the brain really concentrating (brain gym!)


The hands clap for four beats of the music.

The hands then clap for three beats and fingers flick out on beat four.

Then the dancer claps for two beats and the fingers wiggle for two (again adding up to four beats)

The final section is only one clap but taking three beats to circle the wrists.


The movements are in time with the music, which feels quite fast paced. The idea is that as the dance is repeated our brain and body gets use to it.


The dance then changes, and the dancer makes a rectangle with their thumbs and pointing finger.

That move is repeated on the other side and completed twice more (so it is performed four times to fit in with the music and the pattern set up in section one)

The dance has one more section…

one palm up and one palm down swapping them over so they are again performed four times.


To watch, this dance looks pretty easy, but it’s actually rather tricky (like a tongue twister!!) The hands also come together palm to palm and wave in a snaking action.


Please try this at home!

Stand or sit on the spot, create a short dance sequence involving just the hands. Clap four times, then three times followed by some kind of quick move (that only takes up one beat of the music) Then reduct to clapping twice followed by a move and then only one clap.

Each section should take up four beats of the music. Perhaps add the rectangle action into the dance.

This dance can really create fatigue in the arms if they are held up straight in front of the dancer while performing. 



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