Hugs for Feet

Hugs for Feet Dance Film


This film demonstrates some piqué (pricking) type moves, where the pointed toes ‘prick’ at the ground. There is also some rotation of the leg caused by the swivelling on the heels. The title of the piece comes from the fact that the feet look like they are giving each other a little hug at the end of the sequence.


The movements are in time with the music and the feet may surprise the audience as they disappear and reappear from out of the camera shot.


This dance requires the performer to transfer the weight of the body from foot to foot so it’s good test of balance. This kind of exercise can easily be made more stable by using a chair to balance a hand on, or by performing the movements sitting down.

Please try this at home!

Stand or sit on the spot, create a short dance sequence of stretches and points for the feet. The toes may draw out shapes on the ground or do little dots all over the place (piqués) Can the feet or toes envelope each other at some point? (like a hug)


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