Moving Mellow

Moving Mellow Dance Film


This film demonstrates some simple Qigong (pronounced Chi Gung) which is a kind of movement mediation that originates from China. The twisting / spiralling the spine whilst swinging the arms movements are meat to be loose and playful. They help stimulate blood flow to the digestive organs. The other movements coincide with the pattern of the breath (breathing in as you take the arms up and breathing out when the arms lower down)


The movements are performed in a wide legged stance with the knees ever so slightly bent. Qigong is a great way of calming down and bringing focus in on the performer.

Please try this at home!

Stand or sit on the spot, slow the breathing down and maybe even close the eyes. Create some smooth, flowing arm movements that reach up or out when you breathe in and back down or in towards the body as you breathe out. Could you imagine you are painting in the air with your hands? (rainbows, clouds or trees waving in the breeze) or that your fingers are like raindrops pattering down a window? This kind of dance is good to do to destress and to increase concentration.


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