Night Fever

Night Fever Dance Film


This dance is one that really makes people smile. The movements are taken from the film Saturday Night Fever (which is also a famous musical theatre show). It’s a very grown up film (not for children) but the dance moves are fun for all. It’s disco dancing, which became popular in the 1970s. People who became very good at disco dancing would spin on the spot as many times as possible and drop in to the spilts on the dance floor, it would get very competitive and very technical.


The moves include:

Grapevine (stepping to the side, then behind, then to the side and then dig the heal)

The finger follow. This is easy, imagine there is a train going past you and you are following it with your finger. The move looks most effective if you keep the hand at the same height as the shoulder.

Rolling the arms, this looks most effective if the dancer frames their face (you can still see their smile because their arms are up high)

Pose. The pose is with a finger pointing up to create a diagonal line from the finger to the shoulder (as if you are standing in a door frame and reaching to the top corner)

The feet often ‘step together step’ from side to side while the arms are performing different moves.


Please try this at home!

This is a dance that you can copy directly. It can be performed seated.

Step together with arms out and in (four times)

Step, step, step and dig the heal.

Finger follow and then a finger out to the side for 6 counts and a wipe the sweat from the brow.

Roll the hands (four times).

Trigger hips (four times)

Pose four times.

This dance phrase fits with the chorus of the song.

Try some marching and posing and waving the arms to the other parts of the songs.



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