Seated Spine Twists

Seated Spine Twists Dance Film

This film is far more than just twisting the spine (the title) it is about checking our posture (the way we hold our bodies in an upright position)

Rolling the shoulders back and increasing the size of the circles till the arms touch the ground is a good test of flexibility and core strength. The twisting should start from the bottom of the spine, through the mid back and then finish with the head looking over the shoulder. Breathing deeply and pulling the tummy in is vital for back health and stops slouching.


Please try this at home!

Stand or sit on the spot, create a dance sequence that involves arms circling and rotating (encouraging the shoulder joints to move) Then use the spine twists, performing them slowly. The spine can also curve, arch and tilt. Perhaps involve the head circling (being careful not the crunch the neck back) Imagine the nose going on a journey drawing circles or figures of eight in the air. Always remember to pull the tummy muscles in to keep good posture and try to ‘grow’ about 2cm taller whilst you are moving!


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