This is me

This is me Dance Film

This dance takes its inspiration from a dance routine to the song ‘This is me’ which features in the film ‘The Greatest Showman’. The original choreography is by Ashly Wallen and Jenny Griffin. It’s an uplifting song about embracing yourself and being proud of being you. In the film the ‘marching’ travels the dancers from one space to another and then a big section of the dance is performed in a circus ring.


The moves include:

Lassoing the arm.

Jumping the legs so they cross and then jumping them out again to uncross them.

Behind, side, front step (similar to a grapevine step)

Stamping the foot down and dramatically opening the arms out to the side or down to the sides in a triumphant manner.

Arms sharply cutting across the body.

Please try this at home!

This dance could be performed with the marching steps traveling the dancers through the space (or as a big entrance on to the stage!), alternatively the whole thing can be adapted to be seated.

Lassoing the right arm 2 times, then jumping to cross the feet over and back out to a wide stance and then a body roll to stand up tall.

There are 8 running steps on the spot and then brushing the feet behind as if you are pretending to skate (hands on hips)

Stepping behind with one leg, to the side (to untwist the legs) and then stamping and opening out the arms sharply (this is repeated on the other side and is meant to be a very triumphant and confident moment)

There is also a big stamp, arms sharply thrown down to the floor and lifting the head to the sky.

Then four marches forward adding individual style and flare (swinging arms or clicking fingers) followed with 3 jumps back at a diagonal angle (feet together) Repeat the marches and the jumps.

Reaching to the sky then 3 jumps on the spot coordinating the last one landing arms out to the side at shoulder height looking up to the sky.  

Marching on the spot with arms making sharp elbow shapes across the body.

Stepping behind, side, out again twice.

A spin on the spot and a grand finish (in any shape you like) strong and bold.


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