Little Movers

Little Movers is for our youngest group and their adults. We all know that babies and toddlers love pots, pans, car keys and messing up the neatly folded laundry if they can get their hands on it!! With this in mind, we have developed the films for this age group to involve everyday objects and help support the skills they are learning instinctively from birth.

Schemas are commonly described as patterns of behaviour which allow children to explore and develop ideas through their play and exploration. Little Movers films use the eight main schema as their central themes. Some children really obsess over a few in particular, like stacking towers and knocking them down or putting things in bags and boxes, reminding us to indulge them in these activities. Perhaps the adults can rediscover their pleasure in these things too. Doing these activities to music makes them even more fun.   

We will be opening sessions to little movers and they (along with their adults) will be invited to play, dance and create AND see some very special items from behind the scenes at Epping Forest District Museum.

Have a go at home with toys and everyday objects, let us know how you get on by sharing on our social media platforms or by emailing us.

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