Middle Movers

The extra special thing about this project is that we have access to museum exhibitions and historical objects which are going to be explored in more depths as the project develops, history and dance side by side.  There might even be a time when young people can come and see some real treasure!

So far, Middle Movers has appealed to a wide age range, we welcome all those of primary or secondary school age.

Members of Epping Forest Youth Council (Representatives from Secondary Schools across the District) were the first group to get involved and, even before the launch of this blog, have spent time creating their own hand dance films.  We all know dance can happen anywhere, dancing away in their living rooms has been one way this enthusiastic bunch have been staying active and having fun – and they’ve been captured on film doing so!

Dance sessions have also taken place with small groups as part of the disability inclusion teams offer of physical activities. We were really impressed by the breakdance moves and the great creativity from everyone taking part.

All schools across the district have been invited to view and experiment with ideas from this blog and the activities are all tailored to be easily done in the classroom. Do let us know if your children and young people want to get involved and if you are creating your own dances at school, at home or in community settings. Get in touch via our social media platforms or by emailing us.

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