Museum Movers

Museum Movers is an Arts Council England funded project encouraging movement and dance for all inspired by culture and heritage. Have a go using our videos, keeping your mind and body healthy at home. The videos are separated into different categories but they are accessible for everyone so we welcome you to give them all a go!

Project Feedback

I watched Rachel’s online short dance films during Lockdown with my daughter who is 10 and contemporary dance mad! She had suffered a Sports ankle injury so couldn’t dance for over a month. The hand dancing absolutely inspired her to think about dance and movement from a totally fresh perspective. She started to experiment with making shapes with her hands and it sparked off a whole conversation about making shadow shapes and silhouettes with our hands.

The most accessible part was she could “hand dance” sitting in the back of the car or anywhere she pleased. Wonderful way to open her mind to new possibilities of dance and movement.

Joe, London

I am very interested in supporting learning schemas with young children. We watched the films together and then we gathered household items to inspire the children to practice threading, stacking and knocking things down. It encouraged fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, teamwork and taking turns as well as just being great fun! I have continued to use the new ideas from the videos in lots of activities i have planned with the children since we watched the videos.

It has enriched my setting to focus on new ways of thinking.